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Spam is not the issue - unstructured data access is.

One of the world’s foremost authorities for the control of SPAM on the internet, Clearswift has established a strong brand name for the control of unwanted communications through its product Minesweeper.

Installed throughout all the demographics of industry, from large corporate enterprises to small business, Minesweeper has for many become the first line of defence in managing the growing problem of SPAM and its use to deliver unwanted content or viruses to the business.

More recently, their product strategy has been to address the internal as well as external traffic of the business, monitoring content that is not permitted to be viewed or exchanged by employees. This is not simply restricted to the more crass types of content, such as bad language or offensive images; it also extends to sensitive commercial material through keyword or phrase recognition.

This product strategy placed Clearswift at considerable strength when compared to its competition. Their problem was how to articulate the breadth of this capability, from external SPAM management through to internal email or data observation.

Anderson Baillie was engaged to try to present a value story for use with the telesales teams and field sales force. This included the development of a sales story and the model to explain the breadth of Clearswift’s value. This had to be linked to key areas of the business, and legislative issues which would manage and control the movement of unstructured data across communities or businesses into the future.

Anderson Baillie through its proposition ‘Don’t trust it to chance. Protect it. Mean It. Now Enforce it!’, enabled Clearswift to reposition its value from single point solutions for SPAM to higher valued content management and filtering – essentially managing the growing and complex issue of unstructured data exchange through many differing types of media exchange (email, downloading to memstick, disks or tape, viewing of sensitive documents etc.).

This provides valuable information to the sales force, in that it allowed both new and old customers to be engaged – the latter being made more aware of the potential use of Clearswift’s products.

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