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Business change needs to be measured, calculated and effective. Such pragmatic approaches do not always lend themselves to revenue generation plans, which always place earnings before any form of corporate restructure, acquisition, or change management proposal. Anderson Baillie has seen and recognise that sales must be maintained and indeed sales and marketing reshaped during the process of corporate change not left behind it. We have created a series of packages and support services that provide catalysts to your corporate change strategy plans. They can be implemented along any form of restructure and ensure revenues are maintained, any new differential exploited and positive momentum maintained during what can often be an unnerving time.

Case Studies
BASF IT Services Case Study - From the industry, to the industry for the industry - Click here to read this case study
BASF is one of the largest chemical companies in the world, with offices globally and a commercial strategy envied by all successful companies, whether associated with the group or in direct competition.
BT Case Study - Corporate future visions meeting today’s products - Click here to read this case study
BT has some of the most challenging visions for the future of our telecommunications environment.  Strategies making better use of their existing ‘hard wire’ infrastructure and linking this to forthcoming technologies.