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Getting a new product to market is to be one of the most difficult task presented to a marketer.

  • Get the promotion wrong and it fails.
  • Get the message wrong and your customers either do not understand it or fail to see the value.
  • Get the channel to market wrong and you can create too much demand only failing to supply which upsets customers no end.

New products take years to create so they need to launch to work first time to recoupe lost revenues or investments.

Launch pressure

If that isn't enough pressure for a marketer, what about tactical product or service launches? These haven't take the huge investment in the past and are rapid reactions to market needs. You still have to make this a success only you haven't the time to plan or consider options.

Creating a new product launch framework

You need a framework that consistently delivers, yet applies total flexibility to meet both needs. Anderson Baillie have been introducing these approaches to many of our clients over recent years as new product incentives are pursued by companies trying to meet competitive pressures and a glut of customer demand for change.

Many companies have established sound development approaches using research to drive their efforts only to find that the launch approach is ineffective or too prescriptive.

Ensuring launch success

The new product launch initiative, a framework of strategic planning, communication and messaging as well tactics ensures launch success.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

We covered all aspects in our marketing communications, only to fail at launch
The products is too complex, people are failing to see its value
We were beaten by our competition who had a cheaper alternative
Our pricing seems to be attracting interest, but our customers fail to commit to buy
Our market simply sees the products as too advanced for their needs
Our brand doesn’t assist the launch – we seem to big for this low cost option
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