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Marketing professionals are now more than ever targeted upon to deliver results.

Awareness, the great intangible is no longer good enough on its own to substantiate spend, lead generation and enquiries have become the discussion topics once limited to those in the sales team.

Getting those leads is, however, more difficult than ever. Markets have become saturated to many products and services, subsititutional offerings are rife and there is an immerging lethargy to any form of change.

Engagement plans have to be a little more innovative than originally thought!

The massive swing by marketers away from awareness to lead generation has left a gap, the communications plan is now fraught with risk because of an imbalance - no brand knowledge, why should your customers enquire?

Build a multi-layered engagement programme

That's why when we approach direct go-to-market planning, we think both from lead generation and awareness. Together with our Business Growth engagement approach and intelligent lead development models we help you build a multi layered engagement programme which reduces your overall risk, improves returns upon investment and meets the needs of both awareness and lead development.

Introduce key 'hunter' campaigns

We'll introduce key 'hunter' campaigns which drive business enquiries to you within a theme and focus. We help define the propositions to achieve key business revenues and the identify key audiences and contacts with our pain matrix to drive results to the sales teams.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

Not enough leads?
Too many enquiries and not enough quality leads?
Sales people are selling what thye like – not what you are marketing?
Cost of lead to high?
Not hitting revenue targets?
Case Studies
BASF IT Services Case Study - Smarter Selling - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie’s initial engagement with BASF IT Services was to develop a new positioning stance for the IT provider across its pan European territories.
MSoft Case Study - E-procurement doesn’t improve purchasing; it just means you purchase badly more efficiently - Click here to read this case study
MSoft, a small family run software company with limited partnership liability status had created one of the UK’s most exciting inventory management, tracking and application products for the National Health Service.