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Are you getting the best value for your products and services? How do you set the price to start with? Are you afraid to charge a premium through a misconception that it will undermine your competitive advantage?

Pricing has to be one of the most difficult things to get right. Go in too cheaply and it is unlikely that you will be able to increase the price without damaging customer expectations. Go in too high and you may never have a customer to begin with. Price against your competition and any differential is lost, they control the market and you will begin to simply respond to their strategies not your own.

Sometimes you need to cast anxieties and perceptions aside and conduct a simple pricing and feasibility audit. This objective approach will remove you own preferences and beliefs and permit a calculated valuation of the product or service that may indeed reposition your company brand, the products and their stable, the methods by which to approach a market, completely differently.

Our Business Growth approach will provide you with the clarity to make an informed pricing decision.

Case Studies
MSoft Case Study - E-procurement doesn’t improve purchasing; it just means you purchase badly more efficiently - Click here to read this case study
MSoft, a small family run software company with limited partnership liability status had created one of the UK’s most exciting inventory management, tracking and application products for the National Health Service.
Securicor Case Study - Securicor Information Systems takes a new outlook on their marketing - Click here to read this case study
Impressed by creative and project management skills Securicor Information Systems invited Anderson Baillie to review its current marketing operations and aspirations.