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Web is a key focus area for marketing, yet band wagon jumping and the excitement of new technologies and platforms often hide the reality of poor return on investment from a lack of strategic approach. While the excitement is understandable, the development rate of the internet and the direction it takes cannot always be predicted so approaches are often chosen because of their profile rather than their suitability either for the company or their audience.

Web marketing is good and there are a wide range of approaches to be taken, but like all other things it needs integrating into business channels and other forms of media, considered as part of a strategy and end results in mind.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

Customers are failing to exploit web services, they see it as second class service
We are not getting enough information on why and who is using our web services
We need to make our web experience more personal
We are looking to create dialogue through our website not just shout at them from the web page
We need to make our channel and partner site more interactive
Is email stopped by current legislation?
Do people find email shots less irritating to traditional mail?
Case Studies
Tiscali Case Study - Realising the business benefits of Broadband through Tiscali - Click here to read this case study
Following initial consultancy and auditing for Tiscali Business Services to support proposition development and messaging, Anderson Baillie Business Growth advised on the real business benefits of Tiscali Business Services.
MSoft Case Study - E-procurement doesn’t improve purchasing; it just means you purchase badly more efficiently - Click here to read this case study
MSoft, a small family run software company with limited partnership liability status had created one of the UK’s most exciting inventory management, tracking and application products for the National Health Service.