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Great branding, brilliant promotions, superb proposition and then poor customer service experience.

Many businesses can survive the impact of poor branding, limited promotions and weak propositions. No one can stay in business with poor customer satisfaction. It affects your cost of sales, reduces the opportunity to cross or up sell and often leads to negative referrals with a client hell bent on causing brand damage rather than acting as an advocate.

To many this responsibility falls to the customer relationship management teams. It should however come down to marketing. Why? Because it is marketing that initially sets the scene – establishing expectation levels. If these cannot be met through customer services teams they should not be promoted until they can. Equally if it is a failing in the commitment of the CRM teams then it immediately renders the promotion, its investment a complete waste of time.

Ploughing the row in advance of customer decisions

That’s why we have created a customer services consultancy practice to sit in the middle of both CRM and marketing to determine weakness and opportunities to develop further. We all agree marketing should drive a business forward – this means its starts with the customer experience as well.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

You wish you could tie in marketing with efforts of sales and CRM – all operative disparately
You wish that you understood the real issues of the customer before bringing is a CRM reseller
Your CRM reseller only sells software – doesn’t think about the real issues of your business
The reseller of your CRM failed simply to understand your customer and selling processes
Your data only gets a refresh if you buy a new list for a sudden campaign
You have no idea of how your data is evolving
You’d like to exploit your data more for selling and marketing
Your not sure which data is of use and which just crams up the computer hard drives
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