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New products and service failures can only be surpassed by the investment levels they require to initially create them. They are huge, so they need to work first time. Business Growth approaches this by considering the reason for initial development, how best to then articulate its benefits and value and then apply an appropriate pricing strategy. From here we will help you launch through research led demand generation programmes, piloting first before full-scale commitment.

  • Creating a compelling value proposition
  • Building the bundling strategy and maximising cross sell or upsell potential
  • Creating a framework through which to develop new products
  • Pricing by value not competition
Case Studies
BASF IT Services Case Study - From the industry, to the industry for the industry - Click here to read this case study
BASF is one of the largest chemical companies in the world, with offices globally and a commercial strategy envied by all successful companies, whether associated with the group or in direct competition.
Lanner Case Study - The Value of Knowing – Branding - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie were approached to reposition the Lanner Group identity, establishing the Lanner name and giving stronger definition to its services and range of products.