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Delivery & Execution

Business Growth feeds directly into Anderson Baillie’s project methodology. This is a tried-and-tested, approach that has evolved over 20 years of managing some of the largest companies in the world and is geared to deliver maximum quality consistently. As a two stage workshop we audit all marketing and sales campaigns and strategy to determine speed flow and planning approaches. Recommendations for improvement and budget management will then be applied. Stage two of the course will then focus upon helping you establish these practices throughout your marketing activities by training key staff and functions through a series of structured training workshops.


Business Growth always promotes measurement of campaigns, projects and sales activities. We will help you analysis the cost of marketing, its effectiveness and the overall cost of sales in achieving key business goals and activities. Using our Business Growth framework, we will in conjunction with key members of your sales and marketing teams, audit activities, establish their purpose and strategy and then help create integrated measurements across these departs and other fringe functions such as CRM to monitor and maximise effective spend and investment.

The results of all our activities will be documented and applied as recommendations and planning activities to help fine-tune sales and marketing performance.

Case Studies
Strategic Dataworks Case Study - Strategic Dataworks new product road map - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie Business growth deliver a new product strategy
Clearswift Case Study - Spam is not the issue - unstructured data access is. - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie enabled Clearswift to reposition its value from single point solutions for SPAM to higher valued content management and filtering.