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Organic growth is often determined as the most preferable method of business expansion, taking the essence of an existing business and then evolving it further for the better.

On first inspection, Organic growth does seem to be the most perfect way of expanding your business. Least costly, highly controlled and definitely without the complexity of amalgamating management teams or polarised Board members.

However, whilst seeming attractive from this evolutional aspect, organic growth is undoubtedly fraught with this risk of 'narrow vision' - what is believed in has to be right and may be based on a growth strategy that has little or no external input and which rarely receives any justification to questioning Board.

An independent view point often brings clarity

Anderson Baillie, through our Organic Growth business audit can - when combined with strategic direction or other consultancy products - help remove the doubt from organic growth decision-making.

Off-setting Risk

It does this through a sound evaluation of current business circumstance through an objective pair of eyes, then help refine or develop the growth strategy in line with your organic evolutionary demands. Looking at sales approach, marketing, liquidity and market potential our approach helps off-set some of the risk in change.

Measured Growth

This way you can grow from internal expansion, however, this time have decisions, strategy and direction measured, tested an evaluated each step of the way so as to ensure such growth tactics into new markets or product development are sound.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

What comes first grow the markets which I can’t support, or grow the business & hope to make the revenues?
How can I grow a little more with my current resources maximised, then invest pragmatically?
Where can I get funding for a small low risk expansion?
Why is it that when your resources are in place the sales dry up?
Where do I start expanding my business – products, services or sales & marketing?
Is it necessary to spend more marketing money to achieve more revenue?
How can I partner with other companies to achieve initial inertia to pay for growth?
Where can I look for quick wins to provide a revenue boost for growth?
How can I cut some costs to pay for development in sales and marketing?
Case Studies
Lanner Case Study - The Value of Knowing – Branding - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie were approached to reposition the Lanner Group identity, establishing the Lanner name and giving stronger definition to its services and range of products.
BASF IT Services Case Study - Smarter Selling - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie’s initial engagement with BASF IT Services was to develop a new positioning stance for the IT provider across its pan European territories.