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Localisation, do you offer this in line with your product or marketing strategy?

It has its advantages and a huge amount of problems. There will be the debates that standardised core strategy with limited localisation is your best way forward. Then you will be confronted with those parties bestowing the virtues of total localisation with all the benefits this brings and the need for tight management for consistency and development.

International product presentation

The real question to consider before commencing any form of strategic development is what is the purpose of your product's presentation in this overseas market?

Is it the sales channel where revenue is paramount or is it to develop permanent brand share. The former is short-term, which will lend itself well to standardisation and temporary provision of a product, brand or service.

The other however, is about developing a permenent place in the market. This requires a lot more consideration of the market, customers, cultures and motivations if it is to become successful. Fail to handle this properly and you will fail.

Making the right 'glocal' decision

Anderson Baillie have seen far too many times the wrong approach to localisation. Often it is a price decision that has led the client to apply the wrong approach and that has led to a standardisation which is both restrictive and unreceptive to local needs.

Localisation support package

That led us to create our localisation support package, which will help you first determine the strategy behind the need for product manufacture or distribution on an international capacity.

We then help you determine the best support approach and above all the correct level of glocaliation required, detailing the infrastructure needed.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

You’re not sure whether to manage centrally or provide local provision
You’re not sure how best to manage an overseas agency
Managing localised support or production seems chaotic
How do you present an overseas company as a local brand?
What about tailoring products or services to reflect local requirements?
Should you recreate new branding or stick with current standards?
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