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Business Growth Creating Compelling Propositions

Who are you, why should I listen, what’s in it for me, why is it different to the other one, what is the fringe benefit I get from this and will it make my life easier? And that's how we all react when we are presented with a new idea, product, service or partner.

Your company, product and service propositions have to answer these in an instant. Fail and you make no business argument. There are far too many businesses who think they have a different or compelling proposition, only to find that under investigation, there is little fresh or compelling to their argument at all.

Equally important, is that it has to grab the attention of a audience saturated by marketing communications – both at a commercial level and at a domestic or of personal nature.

So how good do you think your propositions are? Do they form an integrated picture – tied into the corporate brand and the business plan? Do they counter arguments at selling and marketing level? Do they outwit competition claims or in fact create doubt in the buyer that such competitive claims are the best for their business?

Not a strapline, but the creation of a value proposition that is unique

That's why Anderson Baillie created the proposition framework, helping you create new arguments, maintain older ones and apply them strategically as well as tactically.

The Anderson Baillie approach to proposition workshop development is to try and draw from our clients the founding arguments and then help you fashion and mould these into ‘go to market statements’ which are compelling to the target audience, informative to existing clients and can be used throughout all levels of the business for consistent message delivery.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

Marketing always seems to cost too much
You need pragmatic growth not marketing expenses
You need someone to implement the change whole you run the business
Brand, thatagmatic growth not marketing expenses
You need to understand where your customer will be and where their preferences are
You need to bring a simple but great idea to market but not sure where to sell it
Case Studies
Axida Case Study - Making the difference to your customers - service subtleties - Click here to read this case study
Axida, a software company in the north of England has created one of the most compelling home service software products the retail sector had ever seen.
Lanner Case Study - The Value of Knowing – Branding - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie were approached to reposition the Lanner Group identity, establishing the Lanner name and giving stronger definition to its services and range of products.