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The decisions to go into new markets, which are internationally based are probably those that will render a company most at risk.

Fraught with uncertainty, limited understanding of local cultures, buying behaviour and competition, all combine to make international development complex and expensive. Cultures are different, channels work differently and sales approaches vary enormously. Get the right combination from the start and business revenues are extraordinary. Get it wrong and it can take a very long time to return those initial investments.

Two Clear Needs

Thanks to the increased globalisation of business, it seems that there are is now two clear needs for international development: those for the small to medium or entrepreneur and those for the key stage corporate.

  • The first requires guidance, research support and assessment of markets or approaches to global enterprise.
  • The second, requires focus, fast track approaches to instil swift returns on investment to support stock price and the city.

A little guidance is needed when navigating international markets and channels.

Anderson Baillie has created the Business Growth approach to international development on two levels specifically address the individual needs of the SME and the key stage corporate. These are clearly two differing types of organisation and their investment as well as their timescales for business returns are polarised.

Addressing Impact

Quickly addressing the impact of international administration on your business we then take into account the corporate objectives and infrastructure that is in place to support international distribution.

Sustained Rollout

Following this Anderson Baillie will then in conjunction with your own teams produce a plan of action to deliver sustained rollout of sales and marketing operations throughout an international theatre.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

You have a need to breakout of your saturated home market
You have to extend the lifecycle of your product or services portfolio
You need to increase the profit ratio for your product in a competitive market
There is a desire to manage the demise of a product overseas for last opportunity returns
There doesn’t seem any clear channel to promote your products
The market structures whilst described the same are massively different
Sales agents operate completely differently to those in your home markets
What is the best approach to marketing – localisation, standardisation of glocally?
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