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Having great channel strategy doesn't automatically mean that this route to market is going to be successful, that comes down to the people involved and how the approach is managed.

Sounds obvious, yet so many companies who have the same problems of poorly performing partners or resellers - as little as 20% being effective, the rest simply making up the population. Is this because they were the wrong companies to recruit in the first place or is it that their focus has moved in new directions? More than often you are not sure.

Channel partner selection, monitoring and supporting is a time consuming occupation. Leave the channel managers without a framework from which to manage and forecast and you have ambiguity, excuses and erosion in channel profitability.

If you have ambiguity in your channel, profits will be eroded, marketing funds will be exploited and wasted and above all, key partners will begin infighting in true channel conflict.

Creating a level playing field on which to measure and recruit

No longer is channel a simple business practice, it requires tight management and focused, directed support. Anderson Baillie will help your create or implement a comprehensive channel strategy, the goals and targets, the market penetration and sales effectiveness. We do this by the introduction of 'sharing the burden' a channel business planning approach where goals and targets are agreed between both parties and through intelligent lead generation, are fulfilled.

However, key to this is our approach to partner selection. We help take it from the channel at a tactical relationship gathering point and escalate each partnership to one of strategic. No purpose or goal, no partnership. No result or investment, no partnership. We aim to help you begin take control of the channel.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

We have superb initial effort, which quickly tails off when they do not generate enough revenue
All they seem to be interested in is supplementing their marketing funds with co-op
They do not seem to sell our services with total commitment
There is to much last minute cross selling at reseller level – we often fail to be the one chosen
There is too much channel conflict fighting over the same business
There isn’t enough strength of planning throughout all the business channel
There is a bias to service the channel, not grow the revenue through it.
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