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Brand extension has been the 'thing' of the 90's and more recently the last few years.

Now we have Jungle book 2 from Disney, Jaguar sells sports attire and JCB has a full line of clothing for children. In every case we are buying an experience - Disney the old Jungle Book, JCB the brand, Jaguar the pinache. In all cases they are leveraging this experience collateral to encourage you to buy something new and often of lower esteem.

Partner leverage

The same applies for business-to-business products, in fact here partners use each other as leverage as-well-as their product brands themselves.

The art, is to understand which is of value in the brand extension, isolate that essence and then project it to a buying community.

Just add 'branding hierarchy' to strategy for instant value

So where do you start? Which brand do you leverage - indeed how do you value the strength of the brand to start with?

This is typical of the questions we encounter when offering brand extension advice - we help through a structured approach to clear the path for profitable brand extension.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

We seem to tie up with anybody who has a bigger brand than we do
How can I test the synergy before committing to a brand association?
How do I protect myself against another brand falling foul of my market?
What if their brand over states itself and consumes our own?
Will their brand make own look the ther brand falling foul of my m
How do I handle an overseas brand extension?
How do I manage the cynics who view brand extensions as tacky?
Case Studies
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