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Acquisitional approaches to your business expansion plans, always appear to have all the benefits with very few of the horrors. With the right acquisition you will solve your current resource limitations. If you are lucky the skills are there, ready to be exploited. If currently profitable, they instantly add to your balance sheet, but only if the markets are there. And if complementary in markets you also have the cross sell options where goodwill exists and the cost of sales is much less.

Yes, bringing another company into your business portfolio has its instant benefits. But how do you get your cake and eat it?

  • How is this strategy going to affect your existing and future business partners?
  • How is it going to affect sales and revenue, the engagement process or brand collateral?
  • How can you assess the potential and the impact would be when bringing together two markets, revenues and skills banks?

Sometimes, numbers are simply not enough, you need simple business advice

Anderson Baillie has created is acquisition service portfolio to work alongside the mergers and acquisition consultants. We look at the markets of both entities, the brand levels, approach to market and above all, the impact the merger will have on each of the business stables - a positive effect or one of negative.

Objective Impact Analysis

The result? An objective impact analysis of your revenue streams, brands and the collateral benefit this merger will bring. We leave financials to your experts and they leave the sales and marketing to us.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

How best to generate revenue in transition mode?
Unable to manage brand conflict and erosion?
Concerned at excessive marketing spend
Unsure of how best to use sales resource
Doubtful that all customers will be positive about your new acquisition?
Need to maximise cross sell and up sell opportunities
Unable to see you combined market strengths and opportunities
Worried that the acquisition will attract a new level of competition
Unsure of the real value of the merger from your sales and marketing sectors
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Following initial consultancy and auditing for Tiscali Business Services to support proposition development and messaging, Anderson Baillie Business Growth advised on the real business benefits of Tiscali Business Services.
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