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The Intelligent Campaign approach was originally created in response to both selling and marketing demand for better returns on both their business investments. It is founded upon our Business Growth principle of compelling proposition and strategy and utilises issues and business benefits to create demand.

An intelligent campaign uses a research led principle that has be qualified against your selling proposition. It is validated by the issues and pains of a market or key contact depending upon the level of detail or accuracy you wish to pursue. Above all, the proposition is quantified through the use of the research, thus making you campaign more attractive to those that are the target – it is real to them, and they understand the issue.

An intelligence led campaign, that now reduces the sales cycle, engages directly from a compelling proposition and improves the level of lead quality.

Understand the dynamics of your target markets and target the most sustainable customers
Investigate how each of your markets are structured, the pains and issues and how current products and service meet these through direct, indirect or substitutional competition.

Create compelling propositions that are directly linked to your target market
Value the differential in your business to leverage revenue from new market entry

Internal Proposition education
A complete rollout programme of education so that all aspects of the business understand the message hierarchy from sales through to support.

Assessment of proposition to the message portfolio
Formulation of a message hierarchy in relation to corporate branding and the development of a thought leadership concept that permits easy delivery of your products and service via a sales story. This will begin with the corporate essence and value, through to a partner proposition, sales level propositions (sales arguments) and holding framework.

Development of a thought leadership concept
A repository through which all propositions are managed, whether corporate positioning, partner propositions, sales arguments or the explanation of a complex product story (boiler plate). It will differentiate by positioning and exploit existing services and products, just simply presenting them in another light.

Development of Issues & Pains Matrix
For a given audience a complete and finite evaluation of specific issues and problems they have that are potentially and directly applicable to your products and services. This will assist in the development of a business issues sell not features from the very start of new market selling.

Competition aggression and penetration
Assessment of competition intensity, messages and brand collateral, which may form a barrier to entry.

Development of test bed pilot programmes

Creation of the multi level marketing strategy
A comprehensive review and recommendation for marketing communications from brand through to key account planning and lead generation.

Defining the decision making unit, their pressure points and influences
Working with sales and marketing teams, complete mapping and identification of decision making processes for each of the products and services, cross selling and up sell opportunities or service level agreements. Motivation, and political influences will be considered as well as ease of access and communications or sales approach, language and proposition effectiveness.

Identification of sales plans and mapping to hunter campaigns
Development of sales led campaigns to generate more proactive sales planning activities at the sales individual level.

Creation of a smart selling approach
Development of key account sales cycle marketing plans for a group of key accounts or high profile sales.

Sales force redevelopment and education
The development of a new market selling strategy, sales tools and thought leadership argument to encourage ‘early bird’ wins in the new market.

Cross sell and up-sell potential
A complete review of the product stable for each of the companies in line with current selling engagements and marketing promotions to determine ‘quick win’ cross sell and up-sell opportunities as well as more long-term cross fertilisation strategies.

Sales engagement and effectiveness
A complete assessment of selling methods, information management in sales environment.

Sales and Marketing Process integration
An assessment of each of the two functions with the aim to bring together each of the functions to complete an integrated sales and marketing function from a company specific aspect and from a reduced cost of sale or lead model.

Data Life cycle and Business Intelligence
A structured plan of data development to include new market data and business intelligence or research.

Creation of the intelligent lead generation programme

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