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Established in 1989, Anderson Baillie has become one of the UK's leading strategic marketing consultancies for the B2B and technology-to-consumer sectors.

As a business, Anderson Baillie has proved vital for companies who need to clearly articulate the benefits of their complex products and services to potential customers.

As a consultancy, Anderson Baillie provides strategic direction and 'positive adoption' project management for sales, marketing and customer services, helping to drive consistent revenue generation through effective leverage of branding, proposition, marketing communications planning and delivery as well as sales engagement for the UK and Europe.

Anderson Baillie Business Growth

Referred to as a Business Growth Consultancy, Anderson Baillie Business Growth takes the guess work out of where to sell, with whom to engage and how to communicate products and services. By taking a structured and integrated consultancy approach from strategic timing to project management and training, Anderson Baillie is a catalyst to inspire and change the way traditional marketing is seen within businesses.

Anderson Baillie Marketing

Anderson Baillie has a pragmatic approach to marketing communications and campaign execution. Based upon a production through to campaign measurement methodology, co-ordinated from predefined targets and results, Anderson Baillie's projects form the bedrock of accountable marketing practices and are the future of campaign planning in a budget conscious business community.

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Anderson Baillie Communications Services

Anderson Baillie Design
Employing some of the most creative staff in the North West, Anderson Baillie Design applies a consultative led approach to all creative work. Designs are based upon a carefully constructed strategy, proposition and sales argument approach, leading to effective and intelligently lead design solutions.

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Anderson Baillie Digital
Creating some of the most interactive and engaging solutions in the new media environment, Anderson Baillie Digital explores the use of the internet, rich media content, its distribution and provides measurable e-marketing techniques to create compelling user experiences.

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Anderson Baillie Events
This is more than simple event management, by bringing together all of the strategic and integrated approaches of Anderson Baillie, clients are driven to attend and seek out answers during and after the event. By creating a two-way dialogue that enables positive business development, Anderson Baillie delivers intelligent event promotion.

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Anderson Baillie Audience Relations
With over 50 years of marketing experience, Anderson Baillie consultants believe they have finally found a way to bring public relations into the marketing and sales integration mix. Proposition led, targeted alongside other communications media and aggressive in energy and tone, Audience Relations does not simply take a message and broadcast, but creates systematic PR campaigns through structured messages and argument that are tailored to your audiences from within a holistic message framework.

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Anderson Baillie Information Management
Anderson Baillie Information Management is about creating intelligence lead development programmes and cognitive based key account plans using data for commercial benefit and not simply to create statistics.

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Accountable Marketing
Anderson Baillie seeks only one result from their business services and products, this is the creation of accountable marketing.

Maximum Impact
This is where both the disciplines of sales and marketing work in harmony to create maximum impact and effect. Where budgets are justified by results, which are in turn demonstrated through co-ordinated planning and effort. This is a discipline that directs and focuses efforts to obtain a single, well-defined goal.

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