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Below are just some of the comments when we have asked what a customer product and service bundling strategy is

  • "why bother with bundling?"
  • "what is the purpose?"
  • "when do you need to think product or service bundling?"
  • "why not just cut the price - after all its price which changes the mind of the customer!"

Differentiation in a saturated market

Bundling is probably one of the most important weapons that a marketer has to hand. You can disguise product pricing approaches, add value to off- set price arguments as well as differentiate in a saturated market.

The problem is most companies only consider bundling as a tactic rather than a strategy. This is wrong, companies need a bundling strategy that delivers short term results and a long-term framework that they can work within.

Creating a revenue stream by up-sell and cross-sell bundling

At Anderson Bailie, we think of bundling as a strategic tool as well as a tactical route and have created an approach which looks at the long-term affects as well as quick wins, meaning you can creating a bundling strategy which allows you browse your entire service portfolio with focus and priority.

Develop 'bundling' advantage

We then help you marry this against competitive action as well as your market place and gap analysis. The result? Strategic bundling and product extension - you have the start of a framework on which to develop 'bundling' advantage.

With more and more competition arguing with price and delivery availability or throwing in additional services, can you afford not to plan your bundling approach?

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

Not sure when to add value through bundling
Concerned that bundling detracts from the value of your product or service
You have sales teams creating their own value add bundles outside the business framework
You need to bundle using third parties he value of your product or
When do you introduce a bundle parties he value of your product o
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