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The start of this millennium has seen the largest proportion of small and new business failures for the last decade.

Global competition is often too strong, finance from the banks has become a burden for many as they become more careful now interest rates render less profits. However, on careful analysis most have suffered one simple fate. Poor sales.

Small business, above all are others have the opportunity for great flexibility. They can out manoeuvre huge competitive corporations, they are far more creative in the solutions and are less weighed down by the political infighting of the large business. They just need to make sales and marketing more effective.

Small business need to exploit intelligent demand generation

Anderson Baillie created its small business unit to create business solutions that emphasise flexibility, improves profitability and looks to out perform larger competitive players.

Creating Sustained Sales Acvtivity

Our Business Growth consultancy for SMB enterprises is about creating sustained sales activity. Once we have helped you achieve this we then consider the other side of the equation, how to meet the demand through sound product development or partnering.

Developing Tactical Engagement Plans

Creating sustained sales is difficult without a business plan and marketing strategy, we will help you develop tactical engagement plans as well as promoting your business to your target community.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

Marketing always seems to cost too much
You need pragmatic growth not marketing expenses
You need someone to implement the change whole you run the business
Brand, thatagmatic growth not marketing expenses
You need to understand where your customer will be and where their preferences are
You need to bring a simple but great idea to market but not sure where to sell it

Next Steps

Having established the most appropriate way forward of developing an ___ plan for sales and marketing, Anderson Baillie will assist in a training, education and preparation programme to reduce the impact a merger

Case Studies
BT Case Study - Corporate future visions meeting today’s products - Click here to read this case study
BT has some of the most challenging visions for the future of our telecommunications environment.  Strategies making better use of their existing ‘hard wire’ infrastructure and linking this to forthcoming technologies.
Tiscali Case Study - Realising the business benefits of Broadband through Tiscali - Click here to read this case study
Following initial consultancy and auditing for Tiscali Business Services to support proposition development and messaging, Anderson Baillie Business Growth advised on the real business benefits of Tiscali Business Services.