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The decision to take on new markets is far too often made in rash haste, the exuberance of the moment and enthusiasm for success, all taking over the pragmatic judgement process.

It's easy really, the decision is made in seconds, the reason for its suggestion mixed and varied - from poor sales to the desire for more and more radical business success.

Either way, the decision to go for a new market is often a swift one, lightly thought through which often then leads to the problems of how, what with and with whom to follow unexpectedly. Sometimes the effect does deliver instant rewards, however, for most companies the result is wasted investment and time, for little if any benefit.

You have to ask yourself first, is a new market development strategy worth it? Whilst your aspirations are high, so are the costs of making a new market a success.

Sometimes enthusiasm needs a little tempering

At Anderson Baillie Marketing we have had to console those who have tried and failed and helped drive through those who have found their strategy to be successful.

Strategically Effective

We have developed through our Business Grow programme, a fast track approach to determining why a new market is required and weighted this decision against expansion for current and long-term sustainable business targets. We help your become strategically effective and geared to generate revenue quickly.

Reduced Risk - Measurable Returns

Having calculated the benefit and impact of this desire we are then able to help our clients plan, step-by-step, their way forward - always preferring to break down complex and costly programmes into manageable chunks, which deliver swift and measurable returns, reduces the impact of risk by market assessment, segmentation, competition analysis through to channel partners or launch strategy.

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Do you relate to any of these business issues?

You have a great product that is successful in a shrinking market – where else can you sell it?
Where can you sell the same product but for a different purpose and new market need?
You need to find a new market to manage the demise of an old tired product for that extra lifecycle.
Profits are too tight in your current market and you need a new one to offset the profit erosion
You need a new way of selling an old product
You want to run a pilot in as many new markets as you can to see which one works best
You wonder if your sales teams can sell in the new market
You’re worried at the cost of maintaining more than one market from a marketing and aftermarket concern
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BT has some of the most challenging visions for the future of our telecommunications environment.  Strategies making better use of their existing ‘hard wire’ infrastructure and linking this to forthcoming technologies.
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BASF is one of the largest chemical companies in the world, with offices globally and a commercial strategy envied by all successful companies, whether associated with the group or in direct competition.