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To the head of all Anderson Baillie’s Consultative packages is the Business Growth Audit. A comprehensive review of your sales and marketing activities, the level of integration between not only each of the functions but other areas of the business such as customer services and the effectiveness at generating revenue and countering competition.

This broad consultative package provides a detailed snap-shot of your business with further recommendations of ‘drill-down consultancy – specifically address a given problem or issue.

This drill down approach allows you to focus on the most immediate of problem, solve them and then move to the next – experiencing the change directly and not after a long haul change management process.

Case Studies
BASF IT Services Case Study - Smarter Selling - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie’s initial engagement with BASF IT Services was to develop a new positioning stance for the IT provider across its pan European territories.
Bull Case Study - Anderson Baillie gives Bull breadth, depth and peace of mind - Click here to read this case study
Following a strategic marketing review process, Anderson Baillie developed a new branding campaign for Bull’s Consulting and Systems Integration division.