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Do you know what value really is? If you remove the best, the biggest, the most bleeding edge and all the other jargon; such as best skills and partners; what is the value of your offering to your customers? Can you describe your value in a single word?

Is your definition of value the same as that of your customer’s understood value? Indeed, are you one and the same company if one value description is overlaid over the other?

Value as perceived as a brand and as a compelling proposition; is being explored in the latest Anderson Baillie Business Growth clinic. During this session, the art of creating compelling propositions is explored. The essence of the brand will be analysed and discussed at length, as is how you are using this value from the corporate mission statement through to the sales pitch.

Anderson Baillie will share with you the Business Growth approach along with the tools used and consultative techniques that help you create a message framework that supports brand, marketing position right through to selling engagement.

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Case Studies
Strategic Dataworks Case Study - Strategic Dataworks new product road map - Click here to read this case study
Anderson Baillie Business growth deliver a new product strategy
Tiscali Case Study - Realising the business benefits of Broadband through Tiscali - Click here to read this case study
Following initial consultancy and auditing for Tiscali Business Services to support proposition development and messaging, Anderson Baillie Business Growth advised on the real business benefits of Tiscali Business Services.